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Closed Consultations


List of consultations
NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Family Support Service and Children's Centres Closed 25 Sep 2017 01 Dec 2017
Somerset Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018 - Statutory Consultation
Consultation on a draft of the 2018 Somerset Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.
Closed 21 Sep 2017 19 Nov 2017
Public Consultation on Pharmacy Services in Somerset 2017 Closed 21 Sep 2017 19 Nov 2017
Lowering the age limit of Shepton Mallet Community Infants School and Nursery from aged 3 to aged 2 years Closed 28 Sep 2017 06 Nov 2017
Somerset’s future approach to healthy weight services
This is a consultation on the model of Somerset County Council’s provision of healthy eating, physical activity and weight management services from 1st January 2018. Changes will be made to reflect the new model of public health provision and reduction in the budget available from the public health grant.
Closed 10 Aug 2017 08 Sep 2017
Customer Satisfaction - Library Services Closed 24 Jul 2017 12 Aug 2017
Proposal to relocate and expand Greenfylde First School
Somerset County Council is proposing to relocate and expand Greenfylde First School in Ilminster. The proposal will see the school expand physically from its current capacity of 380 places to a total of 450 places.
Closed 23 Feb 2017 31 Mar 2017
Client Community Venue Feedback
If you have visited a Community Venue, we are keen to gather some feedback, about your experience. This will help to inform our choices regarding rolling out future community venues.
Closed 18 May 2016 31 Mar 2017
Draft Proposed Somerset School Terms and Holidays 2018-2019
Please see the attached document which shows Somerset County Council's proposed Term Dates and Holidays for 2018-19. For the 18/19 academic year, there are two sets of proposed dates, Option A and Option B. You can give your views by clicking on the 'respond by filling in the online questionnaire link' above and stating whether you prefer Option A or B Option along with a text box for any additional comments that you may want to add.
Closed 09 Jan 2017 03 Mar 2017
Proposed expansion of Wincanton Primary School
In accordance with the Education and Inspections Act 2006 and the School Organisation Regulations 2013, a proposal is being published by Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4DY regarding the expansion of Wincanton Primary School from 330 to 420 places. The proposal is an enlargement of the premises to increase the capacity of Wincanton Primary School to a two form entry (420) school.
Closed 07 Sep 2016 14 Oct 2016
M5 Junction 25 Improvement Scheme Closed 19 Sep 2016 12 Oct 2016
Relevant Area Consultation for 2018-19
Somerset Local Authority are required to determine the area that admission authorities in Somerset should use when consulting on school admission arrangements. For Somerset Local Authority the 'relevant area' being consulted on is the whole of Somerset and for own admission authority schools and academies it is the district in which the school or academy is located.
Closed 17 Jun 2016 29 Jul 2016
Education Transport in Somerset – Policy Review
The School Transport Policy document entitled “Education Transport in Somerset”, last updated in September 2013 and published in 2014, has been subject to a review and has now been amended to ensure compliance with current legislation and DfE guidance. The changes will also include a change to the title of the policy, from ‘transport’ to ‘travel’ to encompass different travel modes. A summary of the changes in the consultation document is attached as is a copy of the proposed Policy. Please read the documents before responding to the questionnaire.
Closed 15 Apr 2016 27 May 2016
Traffic Sensitive Routes Consultation
This consultation is on proposed changes to the designated Traffic Sensitive Routes (TSRs) in Somerset. These routes are determined by the criteria contained within the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. TSRs were determined in Somerset in response to the Act becoming law but have not been reviewed since. Somerset County Council has recently carried out a review of the TSRs in the County with the intent of brining them up to date against the current circumstances in Somerset. Having carried out an internal review an external consultation is now required under the Act.
Closed 25 Apr 2016 09 May 2016
SEND Children and Young People's Satisfaction Survey Closed 24 Nov 2015 31 Mar 2016
Consultation on Somerset's proposed School Term Dates and Holidays 2017-18
Please see the attached document which shows Somerset County Council's proposed Term Dates and Holidays for 2017-18. You will find a question below asking if you agree with the proposed dates and a text box for giving additional comments.
Closed 11 Jan 2016 04 Mar 2016
Dulverton Middle and Community School - change of age range
Somerset County Council is proposing to change the upper and lower ages for this school and for it to become a Junior school with an age range of 7-11 from September 2016
Closed 29 Jan 2016 26 Feb 2016
Listening, Learning, Changing – The future of hubs and libraries Closed 17 Dec 2015 11 Feb 2016
Consultation on 2017/18 Admission Arrangements
A six week consultation about school admissions arrangements for all children who are due to start, transfer or move schools during the 2017-18 school year is currently taking place. This consultation applies to those Voluntary Aided, Foundation schools and Academies in Somerset who have contracted with the Local Authority to consult on their admission arrangements on their behalf. This consultation also includes the Somerset Local Authority proposed schemes for co-ordination of admissions and the Published Admission Numbers for Voluntary Controlled and Community Schools in Somerset Local Authority. Somerset Local Authority are not consulting on the admission arrangements for 2017/18 for Voluntary Controlled and Community Schools because they are not being changed. The consultation allows parents, early years settings, schools, religious authorities and the local community to make any comments on proposed admission arrangements.
Closed 14 Dec 2015 31 Jan 2016
Review of Discretionary Concessionary Fares on Local Bus Services and Community Transport (including Car Schemes) Closed 09 Nov 2015 11 Jan 2016

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