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Consultations that are active during March 2018 to May 2018
Consultation on Somerset's proposed School Term Dates and Holidays 2019-20 Closed 08 Jan 2018 02 Mar 2018
Somerset Road Safety Strategy Closed 24 Jan 2018 08 Mar 2018
Draft Somerset Strategic Housing Framework 2018-2022 Open 07 Feb 2018 30 Apr 2018
Somerset Libraries Services Consultation 2018 You can Respond Online
With supplementary information
Open 21 Mar 2018 13 Jun 2018
SSE North Somerset Questionnaire 2017 You can Respond Online
Support Services for Education (SSE) are working in partnership with North Somerset Council (NSC) to provide some of the services that your school purchases and we would like to use this opportunity to gather your views of the services that we are looking to provide on behalf of NSC. This will allow us to continue to provide the quality of service but also to address any concerns you may have. SSE is a traded unit within Somerset County Council (SCC). We offer a wide variety of support services to schools, academies and other education providers. We appreciate how incredibly busy staff in schools are but we would really appreciate you taking 5-10 minutes of your time to complete the survey. Many thanks.
Open 29 Sep 2017 01 Sep 2018

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