Somerset’s future approach to healthy weight services

Introduction to the questionnaire

In the past we have tended to provide healthy lifestyle support through face to face services and not made the most of support available online. We propose to offer a wider level of support as shown below:



Support will be available at three different levels:

“Inform me” – a digital offer for those who want information guidance and advice. This includes self-help guides, tool kits, and Apps.

“Enable me” – a remote offer that provides things like web-chat, phone support, Skype and texting for those who need more support than being provided with information only

“Support me” – direct face to face contact through groups and 1:1’s. for targeted (high risk and vulnerable) people and communities


Somerset County Council is responsible for providing support to help residents eat healthily, become physically active and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. From 1st January 2018 the Council plans to provide support based on the inform me, enable me, support me model.  

Our Public Health grant has been reducing since 2015/16 and will, by the end of the 2019/20 financial year, have been reduced by over £3.5 million. This cut from central Government comes at a time when our population is growing older and health needs and rates of certain diseases are increasing. This reduction in central funding needs to be taken into account in the provision of our future support and services.

A lot of people in Somerset are overweight and obese. The weight management opportunities for children and families have not been popular and take up has been low. We propose to invest in the proven health benefits of supporting healthier diets and encouraging children and adults to become physically active, the two key elements of weight management This should lead to a long term reduction in obesity rates and will achieve weight management objectives.

To provide effective support the Council proposes to:

  •  Use national campaigns like One You and Change for Life and social media to try to positively influence residents to eat healthily and become active.
  •  Focus specialist support more on those who are most at risk and encouraging others to access digital and on line support
  •  Support people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through a community development approach. Workers will support individuals,families and communities to develop and provide their own initiatives to encourage each other to be healthier. People can also be signposted on to weight management programmes that they pay to attend.

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