Questionnaire for a family member or significant other person

You have been selected to receive this questionnaire by someone who has undertaken a programme of professional development offered by Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning (SCIL) in the last three years.  It is about impact, as demonstrated in changes which may be attributed to their participation in the programme(s).  You are invited to indicate YOUR view of the impact of the programme(s) on THIS PERSON with reference to a set of 7 potential changes.  Findings from this survey will be used in the construction of a report about the perceived impact of the selected programmes to be presented to SCIL with a view to informing future policy and practice.

Please be reassured that at no time in the collation and reporting of findings will individuals be identified nor be identifiable; nor will it be possible to link a response from one person to that of any other person.

This consultation has now closed.

Consultation Details

Name Family Questionnaire
Description Somerset Skills and Learning Family Questionnaire
Dates From 20 Jan 2011 at 10:00 to 30 Jul 2011 at 23:59. The results were published on 31 Jul 2011.
Status Complete
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